Internet options in Chiang Mai (2020 update)

In this blog, I’ll be listing the internet options you have in Chiang Mai. This is a very important detail for me when I’m travelling since most of my travels are for work, to be connected and always able to work anytime is crucial. Even for a pleasure trip, being able to talk to families or lookup Google Map for directions is important as well so in this blog we’ll be looking into all the options you have for your internet access in Chiang Mai.

1. Prepaid Sim Card : There are 3 major service provider AIS, True and Dtac. In all 3, I would advise not to use Dtac due to poor quality coverage. Other than that, you can choose between AIS and True, their quality is almost the same in Chiang Mai. Here are all the traveller price tier for these providers.

  • How to buy
    • You’ll need a Passport to buy a prepaid Sim Card in Thailand
  • Where to buy
    • They usually hand out free prepaid Sim card(most of the time it’s True) at the Chiang Mai airport, I believe it’s the “Pay as you go” tier, never the less it’s free.
    • You can buy a True Prepaid Sim Card at any 7-11 stores which are every where.
    • There are mobile retailer shops at the airport that you can buy these Sim Cards for all 3 providers
    • You can also buy AIS or True or Dtac Sim Card at their official Shop which can be found in these links.

2. Rent a Pocket Wifi : For rental on a daily basis, there is only one provider which is AIS. The benefit of using a Pocket Wifi over a prepaid Sim Card, for me at least, is so I can use my Sim for any emergency calls and still have internet at a cheaper price without data roaming cost at the same time. But if you don’t mind that, pocket wifi might be a more expensive option than buying a prepaid Sim Card. In Chiang mai, you can get AIS pocket wifi from a vendor named “Noi Pocket Wifi” which also have their own pocket wifi services that they sell which is cheaper and is unlimited data compared to the capped 3GB data per day from AIS.

  • How to rent
    • You’ll need a passport
    • Choose your package and amount of days you’ll be staying
    • You’ll need to put down some upfront money as well for the device which you’ll get back when the device is returned, I believe 1,500 Baht
  • Where to rent the
    • You can get an AIS Pocket Wifi at the Chiang Mai airport at the retailer shop named “Noi Pocket Wifi“(map can be found in the link)
  • Package
    • 4G unlimited¬† data with speed up to 4 Mbps (From Noi Pocket Wifi) /¬† Max at 3 GB per day (from AIS)
  • Price
    • Share up to 4 devices for 200 Baht a day (From Noi Pocket Wifi) / Share up to 10 devices for 250 Baht a day (From AIS)

3. WIFI availability in the Old City : There are internet providers in the Old City that have WIFI signals and charge for less than 100 baht a month which is a really good deal. Personally, I have tried using them and can’t really advise others to use them since the quality is really poor. But most if not all the restaurants and hotels in Chiang Mai provide free WIFI internet and the quality is really good. For example, our Cafe Thaan Aoan uses 2 x 200 MB fiber optic internet just in case one goes down which rarely does. So if your plan is to enjoy your time in the old city, you might just get away with WIFI from the restaurant you go to and hotel you are staying at. However, outside of the old city, you definitely need to consider getting a Sim Card or a Pocket WIFI.

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